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Belize Jobs ActsWith a menu of solutions that caters to both employers and workers in Labour, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management issues within the Belizean economic system to cope with the NEW WORK ORDER 21 ST. CENTURY

Job Seekers and Job Givers – THIS IS FOR YOU !!!

We assist you when you:
11Are entering the job market
11On a campaign of job prospecting 
11Are contemplating mixing school with work
11Want to make a career move
11Desire to relocate to, or within Belize, and find employment

You make the business, but workers make them work.
We invite you to:
11Use our outplacement career services
11Advertise job(s) or career opportunities
11Look to us for referrals and head hunting
11Use our cafeteria style or full recruitment and placement services

".. The gateway for service and office professionals .. "


" .. in fellowship to serve .. "

1. Link workers with prospective employers and promote matching the worker to the job.
2. Provide job placement and advertising services for employers and take the hassle away from recruitment and placement.
3. Assist job seekers to polish their resumes and develop their professional portfolios or personal job profile.
4. Offer customized and personalized one-on-one motivational coaching and counseling for job seekers.
5. Help workers to redefine their purpose, and chart their careers, and reexamine and clarify their values whilst job hunting.
6. Share information about the job market and the labour force requirements and employer expectations in Belize.
7. Design and create employee handbooks and operations manuals.
8. Inform and sensitize both employers and workers about their rights and obligations in employment and labour according to the Belize Labour Laws CH 297, Social Security Act CH 44, and the Trade Unions and Employers’ Organizations Registration, Recognition and Status Act CH 304 and other relevant legislations.
9. Link you to agencies, and other legislative arms of government in connection with immigration, trade and industry.

There are 4 main services that
workers and employers can tap into:

1 1. Virtual Employment Agency:Recruitment and Placement Services, resume and professional portfolio development 1

2. Training and Workshop Services: Career training for office and administrative support and service workers for their personal and professional development.
3. Labour Consultancy Services: Harmonizing of industrial relations, human resource management; practice of alternative methods of conflict resolution and peaceful co-existence during representation of both workers and employers
4. Office, Meeting, and Conference Services:Secretarial and administrative support services, and meeting and conference support

IF YOU LIVE IN BELIZE, THE CARIBBEAN OR CENTRAL AMERICA ...RICOM Belize Jobs ActsNATIONALS already have an edge to seeking employment in Belize and the rest of the Caribbean Region. There is now a free flow of capital and labour across Belize’s borders with the Central America, Mexico and now the Caribbean. Ask us about other regional and international treaties to which Belize is signatory, and which are directly related to labour, employment and social protection in Belize. Let us help you to check out your options.  

For information on TU-TASP (Trade Union for Tourism and Allied Service Professionals)  click here.

TU-TASP Trade Union for Tourism and Allied Service Professionals. click here

“INTERESTED? ……..Then check out the TU-TASP Registration Survey form.  Download, print and  complete. Then send to e-mail exssys@btl.net , or mail to TU-TASP Membership P.O. Box 2209, Belize City.” click here

click here for  information on your fundamental rights and freedoms.